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             When Washington Z. SyCip passed away unexpectedly on a Philippine Airlines
             flight to New York on October 7, 2017, and after the initial shock had given way to
             an outpouring of grief among the many who knew him on both sides of the Pacific,
             the tributes came flooding in.

             His loss was most deeply and immediately felt by the business community with
             which he had worked for decades, and whose fortunes he helped transform—not
             only through SGV but through the sheer power of his leadership and example. With
             most of his contemporaries gone, it was left to a new generation of entrepreneurs to
             lament his loss and to extol his legacy.

             Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala observed that “Wash SyCip’s passing away marks a
             generational shift for the Philippine business community. He was dedicated to the
             Philippines across a spectrum of social and economic issues, and he will leave a lasting
             legacy of progressive engagement on national issues. He was a mentor and guide but,
             most importantly, he was a friend.”

             Federico “Piki” Lopez echoed this: “Wash has counseled three generations of Lopezes
             since my grandfather’s time. A few years ago I met a third-generation CEO of a large
             European business family who told me pretty much the same thing: that he was also
             the third generation in his family to benefit from Mr. SyCip’s wise counsel and advice.”

             The son of his good friend Monching del Rosario, Ramon del Rosario, Jr. noted
             Wash’s “greatness of spirit, always willing to share his wisdom with his colleagues in

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