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seized upon his independence once he retired. And always, like the wise owl that he
             is, he would not dish out the answer outright but would draw it out from us. In the
             end, the decision or course of action would be ours alone and WS would just sit back
             in his easy chair and nod his head.

             This  is  a  privilege  that  very  few  people  have  had—to  be  counseled  by  WS.  His
             wisdom is sought after by global and regional businessmen, politicians, civil societies,
             educators, and even the religious. His knowledge is expansive and he continues to
             be curious about anything and everything that is new. He is always on the lookout
             for what is good in the Filipino, be it a talent, a product, a song, or a dream. Because
             WS is all this, there was unanimity in the clamor for him to finally sit down with an
             author and narrate his lifework so that others may learn from it.

             With the AIM Scientific Research Foundation, the SGV Foundation in 2006
             embarked on its most ambitious publication project to date—this biography of
             SGV’s progenitor. It was a three-year labor of love, trust, and respect. At some point
             we had to coax WS to stop remembering facts and stories because we had to end it so
             that it could actually be published.  But maybe he is, again, right in that there is still
             no final chapter to write; that he has not stopped envisioning possibilities. Expect,
             then, a sequel because Wash SyCip will definitely want to have the last word.

                                                        David L. Balangue
                                                        Chairman and President
                                                        Board of Trustees
                                                        SGV Foundation

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