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There is now a greater call to align one’s personal sense of purpose to the idea that
             even small acts at work can exponentially affect the community, and the country, in a
             positive way. WS had always emphasized this role and for SGV to constantly strive to
             achieve a Philippines that comprises of men and women unafraid to take up positions
             of leadership and management; who live with integrity; who are engendered with the
             spirit of doing what is right, even when it is challenged.

             Our  Purpose  is  the  spirit  of  WS’  legacy  and  on  his  centenary,  we  reaffirm  and
             celebrate his extraordinary life and the enduring lessons we were fortunate enough to
             learn from him.  In commemorating his brilliant life, we hope to sustain his positive
             influence on many more generations of business professionals.

             The  first  edition  of  Wash,  Only  a  Bookkeeper  had  won  in  the  prestigious  29
             National Book Awards in 2010 for Best Book (Non-fiction Prose). When he was still
             alive, many would comment that perhaps, he might consider a second volume to his
             biography to which he would politely decline.

             On the 100  anniversary of his birth, we thought it fitting to add a final chapter to this
             book that covers the last years of his life from 2009 to 2016.  He had devoted his later
             years to his advocacies while continuing to sit on Boards.  Even when his heath was
             failing, he would attend meetings, organize dinners, read on the latest business issues and
             spend time mentoring many of us.  He would remark that time was too precious to waste.

             In updating this book, we wish to acknowledge the participation of the AIM Scientific
             Research Foundation for reprising its role as co-publisher. We are deeply grateful to
             the SyCip family, in particular WS’ children -- Vicky SyCip-Herrera, George SyCip
             and Robert SyCip – who generously gave of their time, knowledge and memories of
             their father.  We are honored that Butch Dalisay agreed to write for us once again and
             provide a masterful closure to the story of the bookkeeper we all loved and admired.

             If WS had his way, he had wanted to live to 125 years old to celebrate the centenary
             of SGV. We are absolutely certain that when SGV turns 100, his legacy will still be
             very much alive because he has bequeathed us with an enduring purpose. It can then
             be said that, he had his way after all.

                                                                 Wilson P. Tan
                                                                 Chairman and President
                                                                 Board of Trustees
                                                                 SGV Foundation, Inc.

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