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Postscript                                               A Good Night’s Sleep

             Wash with the SyCip and Herrera families at the wedding of Miguel SyCip Herrera and Janice
             Koa on July 11, 2010. Front row (from left): Pia SyCip (wife of Robert) with daughters Andi
             and Zari; Mina and Amor Herrera (twin daughters of Vicky); Vicky SyCip Herrera; Wash;
             Justice Ameurfina Herrera; Binky Herrera; and Ana SyCip (daughter of George). Top row (from
             left): Maya and her father George; Robert with son Raphael; Janice and Miguel; Dr. Lala
             Herrera Arroyo (Binky’s sister) and her son Dr Joaquin Herrera; Barbara (wife of George); and
             Dr JJ Arroyo (husband of Lala).

                                         Wash enjoys a light moment with his great grandsons
                                         Florentino Mikael Washington, Manzo Miguel in the arms
             Robert’s children – Andi, Zari   of his mother Janice Koa Herrera, and Javier Miguel.
             and Raphael – dining with their
             grandfather in their favorite
             Japanese restaurant.

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